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AFTER SHAVE SPRITZ – wildwood – 60ml


Suitable for ALL skin types: – Our after shave spritz acts as an astringent tonic, purifying the pores & soothing the face, leaving it feeling uplifted & fresh. Enhanced with a manly blend of sandalwood, patchouli & cedarwood essential oils, known for their powerful antibacterial & soothing properties.

Formulated with natural witch hazel,  effectively restoring the skins natural ph, increasing elasticity & tightening the pores. Sandalwood hydrosol & essential oil, our potent active ingredients, soothe & cleanse the skin. Sandalwood is a highly effective astringent oil which toning & rejuvenating simultaneously, resulting in clear, uplifted skin.

Very effective for, reducing post shave blemishes & redness. Use daily to promote a healthy & fresh complexion.

Change a life & enjoy this secret from the earth, love boodjera x

BOODJERA (boo-jer-uh) meaning earth - land - country

Boodjera staff, acknowledge & pay respect to the ‘Noongar People’, past & present, the traditional owners of these lands & waters, in Western Australia’s, South West. Our commitment is to promote unity, love & harmony throughout all aspects of our business.