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designed for the Modern Day, earthy woman

When you purchase Boodjera, you give back to the Aboriginal People of Australia

Boodjera Woman is now exclusively distributed by MK Eco by Starwin who showcase and sell Boodjera in their Darwin + Port Douglas shopfronts. 

Our products are also available online via their website: www.starwin.com.au

Their shopfronts have a collection of corporate and cultural gifts, from which profits are invested into their Indigenous Youth Girls Leadership programs, we are proud to support their collective.

FACE CLEANSER WOMAN – bush honey & clay – 65ml

Suitable for ALL skin types: Our face cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean & refreshed. Enhanced with a perfect blend of lemon & grapefruit essential oils to stimulate, balance & rejuvenate. On an emotional level, our chosen blend, creates a clear focus & positive outlook.

Enriched with bush honey & natural earth clays, pure active ingredients. Bush honey, the alchemy of bees, a natural source of antioxidants, loaded with nutrients & healing compounds. Honey is well known for its antibacterial qualities, which clarifies the skin, resulting in clean & clear pores. Earth clays, absorb dirt & oil, naturally, removing impurities. Rich in magnesium, clay holds powerful absorption properties, keeping skin hydrated & locking in moisture.

Our skin is constantly exposed to the Australian elements, nourish it daily.

Change a life & enjoy this secret from the earth, love boodjera x

This product is now exclusively distributed by MK Eco by Starwin. Please go to www.starwin.com.au to order online
BOODJERA (boo-jer-uh) meaning earth - land - country

Boodjera staff, acknowledge & pay respect to the ‘Noongar People’, past & present, the traditional owners of these lands & waters, in Western Australia’s, South West. Our commitment is to promote unity, love & harmony throughout all aspects of our business.