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Boodjera Travel is now exclusively distributed by MK Eco by Starwin who showcase and sell Boodjera in their Darwin + Port Douglas shopfronts. 

Our products are also available online via their website: www.starwin.com.au

Their shopfronts have a collection of corporate and cultural gifts, from which profits are invested into their Indigenous Youth Girls Leadership programs, we are proud to support their collective.

SANITISER – tea tree & eucalyptus – 60ml

Perfect For Air Travel
Suitable for ALL skin types: Our santiser will leave your hands, surfaces & surrounding air germ free, clean & fresh. A natural, sanitising spray, formulated with a potent blend of essential oils, including tea tree, eucalyptus, wild rosemary, thyme & pine. Theses chosen oils, are well known for their potent antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti -infectious & antiseptic qualities, guarding against the spreading of germs & bacteria.

Completely free of harmful chemicals, santiser contains, only pure plant power to combat germs.  A safe & healthy alternative to chemical laden sanitisers, on today’s market. Perfect for air travel, to take on holidays & overseas. Don’t leave home without it!

Germs can cause physical ailments, keep your hands & surfaces protected & germ free.

Change a life & enjoy this secret from the earth, love boodjera x

This product is now exclusively distributed by MK Eco by Starwin. Please go to www.starwin.com.au to order online
BOODJERA (boo-jer-uh) meaning earth - land - country

Boodjera staff, acknowledge & pay respect to the ‘Noongar People’, past & present, the traditional owners of these lands & waters, in Western Australia’s, South West. Our commitment is to promote unity, love & harmony throughout all aspects of our business.